After having taken over every street corner, gunned down all the other crypto gangs and served several years in prison for dealing out insane amounts of BUSD, $BUSDealer is back, better than ever. BUSDealer is all about volume, the bigger the volume the more his crew of holders gets rewarded in BUSD. Every time BUSDealer makes a deal, he makes sure his crew is rewarded first by paying out a 10% reflection to anyone holding.


BUSDealer and his crew is constantly hustling to put your hard-earned money to work by giving you 10% reflections on each transaction. Check out the stash house below to see how much you have earned in BUSD rewards.

Stash House 2.0


In order to earn the trust of BUSDealer you have to first pay a 15% tax to get your stash. Don`t worry though! He takes good care of his crew as holders are rewarded with 10% reflections on every transaction in BUSD. He also understands the importance of the liquidity. That`s why another 5% is automatically added to the stash house.

100 billion supply
1.5 billion max buy and wallet size
10% BUSD reflect
5% liquidity